Embedded TNC Modem

You can use your iPhone as an audio TNC and connect it to your HF/VHF radio for 300/1200 baud APRS operation.

APRS Satellite Trackers

When you are off the grid, just connect a Spot or deLorme Satellite Tracker to APRS pro and let the world follow your steps.

Text in realtime via APRS

You can chat with other hams in realtime, even if they are using an APRS enabled radio. Be patient while they type their message! ;-)

APRS pro is full of unique features

Connecting to a HF or VHF Radio, or using APRS pro via 2G/3G/4G/Wifi will bring you 100% of excitement

Customize your map

Decide if you want to to see Realtime Traffic, Buildings, POI or Station Trails

Change your symbol dynamically

If you are stopped you might want your icon to be a "ham". When moving, maybe you want it to be a car.

Enjoy its built-in iGate

Forward all your RF received traffic to the APRS-IS Network. Contribute to the ham radio community.

Receive messages even offline

You have been away? No problem. Our server will deliver your messages once you're back!

You've never seen anything like this before.

The app even has an Emergency Button. If you are in trouble, just tap it and a direct Distress Message will be sent to ALL nearby stations.
  • Don't miss the excitement of the APRS activity! APRS pro is becoming a legend. Are you already a part of it?
    73, CT1EIZ